Mir Mohammad Ali Khan a skilled Wall Street veteran, who after a smashing carrier in the biggest Stock Exchange Market of the world is now back to his home land and is aiming to motivate the individuals to invest in the most profitable investment business of all times, Stock Exchange. The business that transformed him from an oblivious teenager working odd jobs in New Jersey, struggling to support his personal and educational expanse to the youngest Multi-Millionaire founder and pioneer of an investment bank on one of the most important street of the world, Mir Muhammad Ali Khan is a story of struggle, sheer hard work, determination, exuberance and on top of that he’s an epitome of humility, kindness and humbleness. Being a big follower of Abdul Sattar Edhi, he believes in an optimistic and forgiving attitude, according to him life is too short for regrets and resentments. We need to move on and make the most of what we are given from Almighty.


Mir Muhammad Ali Khan who speaks on capital markets on various forums firmly believes that young, talented and energetic youth of Pakistan have immense potential and talent to succeed in all aspects of modern life and if a person has the right attitude, determination and work ethics then there is no way that he cannot succeed in his life or won’t be able to showcase his abilities to the whole world. According to him positivity is the best attribute of anyone. You can have all the talent, all the knowledge, and all the skills but if you become a pessimist you are not going to use it towards your benefits, kill the negativity inside you, stay persistent and have a proactive approach, these two are as essential for success as water to our living.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan was the youngest Muslim banker who made his mark on Wall Street. He was only 29, when he became the chairman and founder of an investment bank.  He has also developed THE World’s First Islamic Banking Benchmark Index on Wall Street named KMS-SAMI: (Socially Aware Muslim Index) which is now a functional index run by The Dow Jones Indices. He has worked as a federal advisor for The Government of Pakistan. He has also been featured in “Who’s Who of Top Executives In The World”

His personal interest is to motivate the youth of Pakistan, to come up with entrepreneurial technology that could determine the future of people around the world. In this regard he has been appearing on different television programs and spreading his message through social media campaigns. He regularly speaks at universities across Pakistan and appears on television programs on the topics of motivation, personal development and capital markets. His agenda is to sow the seeds of Positivity, Optimism, Resilience and Tenacity in the youth so that they can become better people and serve the nation through personal and professional achievements of goals.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan is a true patriot and a motivational figure for all the Pakistani youth and even though has so many achievements on his credit but is still so devoted towards the well-being and progress of Pakistan and its youth.

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