This might sound strange, but one of the best places to meet a potential mate is at a wedding.  if you’re single there’s more than a good chance there will be other single people in the crowd and one of them could become the love of your life.

When asked how they met, many couples said they were a bride’s maid, or a guest at the wedding of a friend or family member and ended up hitting it off so well with the groomsman they were paired with, they kept in touch and started dating afterward.  And honestly, if a guy decides to come to a wedding, chances are he’s got a bit of a romantic streak inside, and may actually be open to love.  Studies show that a wedding really can be the perfect opportunity to make eye contact with that cute girl who read that nice poem.  Who knows where it will lead?  But if it does lead to a proposal, Kay Jewelers will be ready with a fabulous selection of engagement rings and wedding bands to help you seal the deal.  Shop Groupon first, though, so you can get an even better deal than you would by just walking in the door.  There are coupons for 20% off engagement rings and other deals for custom jewelry you can use leading up to the big day.

So, if you’re single and tired of the mingle, set your sights on finding a mate at the next wedding you attend.  There’s a bit of sleuthing that can go a long way toward increasing your chances of a long term hook up.  Don’t be shy about asking the person in charge of the seating to place you at a table where singles will sit or and ask them to identify a potential match.  That’s strategy, not desperation.  Steal a little bit of the spotlight by taking time to grab the mic and let the couple know how much they mean to you and have inspired you to find a love of your own.  That lets other singles know you are on the market.  They might think you came with a date when in reality you’ve only been making polite chit chat with your table mate.

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